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I was beginning my search for a new dream home and being one with very strong opinions regarding quality, uniqueness, and charm in a home, I felt I had a difficult task ahead. Tri-Craft proved me wrong! Once I saw the exquisite craftsman style bungalow they had built in the heart of my downtown area, I recognized I had found my new dream home.

Visitors to my home all comment on the details and fine workmanship Tri-Craft has achieved. Above all, Scott, Brian, and Chuck are true professionals and a delight to work with. Each have their own area of expertise and in my opinion, this is what makes Tri-Craft distinctive. You'll find no better home than that built by Tri-Craft, and you'll find no better people to work with than those who make up Tri-Craft.

– Debbie Hughes

When we recently bought our 18-year-old home, we knew substantial remodeling and updating would be needed. Tri-Craft and their contractors partnered with us over the next several months to design and implement the many changes. Several rooms had significant work done, including some taken down to the studs and rebuilt. Even as we made changes and additions along the way, Tri-Craft was diligent in monitoring the budget and timetable with us, thus eliminating that unwanted "surprise" element. The work was accomplished with care and excellence, and minor modifications and repairs were completed quickly. Tri-Craft clearly desired to make us happy, and they definitely succeeded! We highly recommend Tri-Craft.

– Dave and Beckie Smith

I have had the pleasure of working with Tri-Craft Properties, LLC from both a business and personal perspective. The quality of their work was apparent in Tri-Craft’s creativity in approaching some of the challenges presented on our project and in their fixed attention to our satisfaction as a customer. Tri-Craft’s high standards along with their openness and integrity provided the right environment for a successful home remodeling project.

My company has also worked in partnership with Tri-Craft Properties, LLC. Our standards in selecting business associates require unquestionable integrity, a true spirit of partnership, high customer satisfaction and product quality. Tri-Craft has consistently met these standards.

We would confidently recommend Tri-Craft Properties, LLC for any home building or remodeling project.

– Paul A. Sorrentino, President, Providence Mobility Group, LLC


about tri-craft | who we are | our process

As third-generation builders, Tri-Craft Properties, LLC is able to build homes and complete remodeling projects with a unique blend of know-how from “the old fashioned way” and the best of new industry practices.

How do we distinguish our company from other builders?

We approach residential building with professionalism and expertise in all phases of construction as well as in all aspects of operating our business. Granted, qualified builders are numerous; however, also numerous are dissatisfied homeowners who are caught off guard by construction delays, budget overages and warranty problems. At Tri-Craft Properties, LLC, we work to avoid unhappy surprises through painstaking, professional practices applied to everyday operations:

  • We are members of several local chapters of the Greater Atlanta Homebuilders Association.
  • We regularly attend professional conferences and building shows to remain informed of the best materials available and best trade practices.
  • We obtain and fulfill all applicable building permits.
  • We are well-capitalized and, therefore, do not badger you for too frequent cash draws so that we can proceed.
  • We track all costs in an accounting format, typically providing you with bi-weekly updates and forecasts with spreadsheet analyses.
  • We maintain premium insurance for general liability and workers compensation rather than picking up a policy only when required.
  • We purchase quality material at best market prices with accounting systems in place to ensure all billing is correct.
  • We account for all jobs and handle payment of bills in a timely fashion to eliminate any risk of home liens to our customer.

In pursuing a quest for excellence in home building and home remodeling, we follow a philosophy of doing whatever is necessary to accomplish the job right the first time. Personal values and professional expertise drive our actions. The results show in our final product and in our many satisfied homeowners.

We invite you to contact us for specific answers to your questions.

about tri-craft | who we are | our process

Recognizing their complementary strengths, Brian McCullum, Chuck Newton and Scott Noble created Tri-Craft Properties, LLC, a residential building, remodeling and restoration company that delivers quality in design, construction, service and operations.

  Brian McCullum, a third-generation residential builder, has been building, remodeling and restoring homes for more than 20 years. With an artistic eye for detail and quality craftsmanship, Brian is unquestionably responsible for the referral business gained from satisfied customers. Word-of-mouth referrals, in fact, have fueled Brian’s success as a builder of more than 50 homes and as one who has remodeled hundreds. With uncanny skill and a true desire to please customers, Brian presents can-do solutions when other builders simply cannot.

Welcoming your questions, Brian, Chuck and Scott are available to offer their insights and their services before, during and after the completion of your home construction or remodeling project.

Please contact us for specific information.

about tri-craft | who we are | our process

Tri-Craft Properties, LLC demonstrates a commitment to quality and satisfaction by following a meticulous process, ensuring that we meet and exceed your expectations in quality construction and excellent customer service before, during and after the job is completed. Whether we build a custom home or provide remodeling services, we disclose and manage the details in a straightforward, professional manner.

In all projects, we:

  • Commit to a reasonable timeframe
  • Offer the flexibility of choosing between
    - fixed cost
    - cost plus a percentage

Our building and remodeling process includes several components:

  • Conduct an initial meeting for taking measurements, reviewing plans and/or clarifying your specifications
  • Provide an estimate of the detailed costs involved in completing your project based on your requirements
  • Create a schedule and a plan that you can access through Buildlinks, an online program that allows you to check progress, view scheduling, make selections and communicate with us
  • Obtain permits, provide proof of insurance, discuss financing and draw procedures, guide you through the administrative particulars of the project and develop a written contract that governs our relationship
  • Manage the construction of the project
  • Report construction status from both the scheduling and financial perspectives
  • Inspect for quality control on a regular basis
  • Complete punch list items in a timely and professional fashion
  • Request post project feedback from customers to ensure that all parties gain from the experience and the relationship we built during the process
  • Guarantee our work with a viable warranty

We believe our attention to the details makes the difference—and so do our satisfied homeowners!

We invite you to contact us so that we can address your specific questions.